Success Story

J6 property meet is very well organised and a great platform to increase network in real estate.  – Martin Skinner

J6 property meet is a good opportunity to connect with new investors, gathering information regarding landing deals, funding deals and planning development options for your property.  – Emily Temple
Fantastic evening with fantastic people, good way to gather real estate information, would like to signup and join this event every month. – Chris Carey
J6 property meet is a place for me where enthusiastic property investors, developers are under one roof.  Paul
Lot’s of talent, lot’s of knowledge, lot’s of good people are in one place. I really want to encourage you to come and join this meeting.

Really good, lot’s of good people connected with this platform – James Wllkes

Brilliant meeting, good way to become independent, would really like to come back and Join this meet again  – Bill Patel
J6 Property Meet is a fantastic evening where I met with different landlords, shared some experience that will help to grow more – Kelvin Crocker