SPI Joint Venture


  1. Painting and decoration of the house.
  2. A new kitchen.
  3. A new ensuite bathroom had to be installed.
  4. The bathroom downstairs had to be upgraded.
  5. The kitchen had to be re-piped and re-plastered.
  6. The garden had to be cut down and tidied up.
  7. New electrics were installed in the two bedrooms upstairs.
  8. New windows through-out the property.
  9. New carpets through-out.
  10. New windows through-out the property.


SPI Joint Venture

SPI Joint Venture: Buy-Refurbish-Sell project
Central Reading, Berkshire RG1

Description: It is a two bedroom, two bathroom house in a highly central location in Reading.

JV agreement: The investor puts in all the monies and hosts the mortgage and SPI manages the project from start to end. The profit from the sale of the property is split 50% – 50%.

DateJanuary 19, 2018
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