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Mission, Vision and Values

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Manni Chopra


Manni is extremely passionate about helping others become financially free.

Because Manni has spent over 12 years in corporate life, she knows what it feels like to be trapped in the “rat race”.

She definitely enjoyed the corporate life to begin with and the experienceshe gained was invaluable. However as she started to grow as a family, she needed more flexibility with her job. Manni’s priorities changed and she found herself stuck in a job that no longer enjoyed and didn’t feel it had any growth opportunities. She decided she wanted a way out but could not figure out how she would replace her income.

Manni is aware that a lot of people find themselves in this position and would like to be able to help.

How better to do this than to share her story from J.O.B to Financial Freedom, the ups and downs, the challenges and her achievements through SPEAKING.

Hopefully the audience would relate to bits in the story and this would motivatethem to take ACTION.

Manni is passionate about sharing her message with small and large groups alike. Although Manni has not received much formal trainingin Public speaking but believes in speaking from her heart.

So far Manni has spoken at several events in England and each of these events typically have 50 – 150 investors in the room. The list below includes some of the events where Manni has spoken at (although this is not an exhaustive list).

So far Manni has primarily spoken at Property Networking events. However she feels that her target audience are not just Property Investors. Although the vehicle that Manni has chosen is Property, she feels FINANCIAL FREEDOM and CHOICES can be achieved through other means.